An event which have few competitions such as Tape It Wallet competition, drawing competition, break dance competition and skateboarding competition.
Come and join us!

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The Champion : Chang Ping Yong

2nd prize winner : Soon Roe Cie

The 3rd prize goes to : Lim Oon Yao

4th winner : Sia Tze Harn (absent) gratz ^^

The fifth winner : Chow Yanni

Congratulation to them.

A picture of the winners and designers

Congratulation for those who won in the competition. Here is the news about their creativity on TheStar newspaper.

These are the photos during the event day. Feel the passion~



Lining up for opening and also goodies bag ^^


"Is mine!" "No is Mine"

Designers showing their artwork on Tape It Wallet!

Designer : JayLim

Designer : Dennis

Designer : Chun Woei from Urban Cr3ature

Designer : Kenji @ Black Fryday

Designer Michael Chuah

Judging time

Flip~ flip~which is better

Points and marks~ yummy

Designers sharing their direction and experiences

Scene of event

Scene of event

There are more pictures of the event day.

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tapeitwallet/tapeit event at Dasein

It has been awhile since last update. Here are some of the confirmations that had been made.

First Prize
-RM 200 Cash
-RM 150 Radioactive cash voucher
-1 set of Tape It! wallet ( 4 colors )

Second Prize
-RM 150 cash
-RM 100 Radioactive cash voucher
-1 set of Tape It! wallet ( 4 colors )

Third Prize

-RM 100 cash
-RM 50 Radioactive cash voucher
-1 set of Tape It! wallet ( 4 colors )

Consolation Prizes x 2
-RM 100 Radioactive cash voucher

-1 set of Tape It! wallet ( 4 colors )

Guest List
- Michael Chuah (Malaysia)
- Jay Lim (Malaysia)
- Chun Woei, Urban Creature (Malaysia)
- Kenji, BlackFryday (Malaysia)
- Dennis (Malaysia)
- Nico Teo (Singapore)
- Lestat Gothe (Indonesia)

Designers will bring along their artworks and have a showcase during the event day. They even will share their ideas and concepts with public. So what are you waiting for? Grab this opportunity to meet them.

Tape It! Wallet Exhibition Event Day
Time : 10 am - 3 pm
Date : 7th Feb 2009
Venue : Dasein Gallery Hall, Dasein Academy Of Art.

Below is the agenda for event day :

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Here is the address and map to Dasein Academy of Art.

This is a photo of DASEIN ACADEMY OF ART.
Contributed by KUWAKENTA

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No.3A-12-G, JALAN WAGSA DELIMA 10, DESA WANGSA, Setapak, 53300 KL.

Contact No : 03 4142 2990
Hi there, These are some of the artworks from Dasein's students and designer, Kenji ( Black Fryday ). From these artworks, we hope that you will get inspired by these designs and have new ideas on developing the TapeIt!Wallet. So, what are you waiting for? We are looking forward to your masterpiece to join the competition and remember, we do not limit your creativity, so unleash your thought and apply it on the wallet.

(Mock up and Artworks display at Dasein Reception Counter)

Artwork by Kenji ( Black Fryday ) ( Designer + Illustrator)

Artworks by Dasein's students

Display Stage

If you are interested in the TapeIt!Wallet D.I.Y kit, you can ask for more information by e-mail to us at or you can leave a message at the ChitChatBox at the right side of this blog, or even give us a call (Our phone number in stated on the posters, do refer to it) You can order it with Madam Lim, a.k.a MADAM, at Dasein Reception Counter, for the TapeIt!Wallet D.I.Y kit. The price for the TapeIt!Wallet D.I.Y kit is MYR 29.90, and for 2 kits for MYR 55.00 from us, the organiser of TapeIt!Wallet in Dasein Academy of Art ONLY. The retailers from outside are not stated with this price, so do take note on this.

We will keep you update time by time to let you know every single step on TapeIt!Wallet.

Thank you

Christmas is just around the corner, We wish you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

We will be updating this blog shortly, and thank you for your patience and yet, your support is our greatest gift for this Christmas. ^-^ Do ask for more presents from Santa.

From the TapeIt! Wallet Team

Click the picture to download 
     original size poster

The "Tape It! Event & Exhibition" will be held at Dasein Gallery at Feb 2009, which lets the participants of this campaign having a chance to expose themselves to public and famous designers. We hope all the participants enjoy this campaign as they have a chance to play with design in a unique platform, on a DIY wallet! You may now order your "Tape It! DIY Wallet Kit" at Dasein Reception Counter or e-mail us by clicking the button on our website.

“Tape It! 活动与展览”将于2009年2月期间于达尔尚展览厅举行。此活动主要让参与者有机会将自己的设计曝光于更多人的眼前,同时还能让设计师们对自己的作品进行评监。我们希望让参与者拥有一个独特的设计平台,即在DIY钱包上进行设计,从而享受整个活动的过程。现在就到达尔尚询问处订购您的“Tape It! DIY Wallet Kit”吧!或点击网站上的链接e-mail我们。
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